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Ear stretching.

So Im totally in to body modification i love the whole tattoos and piercings thing. Im currently saving for a tattoo, and would love to get some more piercings. I noticed this picture of this girl with a hole in her ear xD and i fell in love haha! I looked on ebay for some “tapers” (the little pole thing that you stick in your ear)  

I got these from an ebay shop

They are a set of 9 starting at 1.6mm all the way to 10mm. the delivery was pretty fast 2 days. these are really good value I bought just one 2mm at my local piercing shop and it cost me £5.29 just for one! anyway they feel very comfortable in your ear. the only thing i will say is that they don’t come with any instructions or no indication of what the sizes are so i guessed from what they look like xD they have a rubber hoop on each end to keep it in place. 

I started with the 1.6mm and it went it easy no pain or anything and after a few hours i could twist it without pain so i went up to the 2mm that one did sting but it wasnt unbarable. i am hoping to go up to 8mm so wish me luck! :D

If you want a tutorial on how to clean/put them in then ask away and i shall do that for you :D

(I was not asked to review this but i got them today and was really excited and wanted to tell someone about it! :D)

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