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Anonymous asked:

You can't paint nails for shit! That Barry M foil style is one of the easiest and smoothest applications ever, how can you be so bloody stupid to cock it up that badly?! Fucking hell...

as you can see in the picture i have a bandage on both arms you try painting your nails both arms bandaged up. I can paint nails. my barry m was gloopy. oh and if you are the annon that keeps telling me to “go kill myself because i know nothing” please fuck off.

okay okay i fucked up…

Tapers aren’t meant to be jewelery who knew right ;)

the guy in the shop is an uneducated jackass he told me that i just had to put the taper in keep it in for a few days and keep doing it until i got to the size i wanted easy right? WRONG

I pulled my earring out today to clean it and the little hole started bleeding. so after a lot of google searching and talking to some friends everyone says the same thing…

put the taper in and then get a stainless steel plug to keep in for ATLEAST 2 WEEKS! and then go up

think i might leave it for a bit…

so yeah  i hope none of you were as stupid as me! and don’t always take “professionals” information as right.

Big thanks  to for helping me and not being a dick.

and to all the fucking anons that keep giving me hate please fuck off and go back to school your spelling is atrocious

Review! barry m nail varnish

So I went to superdrug yesterday and there was a sale on Barry m nail varnish 3 for 2 so i bought the silver foil nail effects and a white and black crackle.

Sorry about the bad picture…

They are all awesome! the foil one dries really quickly and looks like this

bad picture again but my camera is shit at the moment.

And here is what the black crackle looks over top.

I understand that this isn’t to everyone’s tastes but i love them! :D they go on well and dry pretty quickly and look amazing, what not to love :)

£3.99 each

College series: what to wear!

Last one! :D

You want to look good at college but you dont want to work to hard at the end of the day sleep is more important then looking good ;)

In the summer i wore jeans (because i pretty much live in jeans!) if you are more girly then me you could wear a skirt or some shorts (but not too short! its college not the beach) Mess around with diffrent style tops you could match a vest top with a colour shirt simple and pretty :)

In the winter hoodies are going to be your life saver! in the cold mornings when you dont want to wake up throw on a hoodie and a long scarf and the world makes sence again.

Okay so that was pretty crap but hopefully you get the jist…

As for make up and hair i would leave make up to a minimum maybe some powder or eyeliner and a swipe of lipgloss something that can easily be touched up in the day (stay tuned for my back to school make up tutorial coming soon!)

Hair is what you can experiment with! try some up do’s or if all else fails then a simple pony tale will look awesome. :D

just remeber to dress to YOUR personaity! give weird styles a try college is all about finding yourself.

College series: Survival kit

Okay boys this is mostly for girls since…i wouldnt know what a guy would need day to day…

So girls get a little make up bag handy. This is my surivial kit checklist day to day things that i may need and wont be able to find in college, in no paticular order.

1) hairbands! you wont no weaither you will need your hair up for the task you are set and if your hair gets curly in the rain (like mine) you might want to hide those curls in an updo.

2) painkillers (anadin) if you have a splitting headake whos going to save you?

3) hair brush small if possible you dont want to be lugging around a massive paddle brush.

4) bobby pins/grips again incase you need to change your hair style quickly

5) plaster/band aids if you some how get cut its probably a lot easyer to just sort it yourself.

6) If you are wearing lipstick/lipgloss take that to top up later on in the day

7) period pads/tampons you never know….

Im not really sure what else…thats pretty much all i would take…if you have any other suggestions then let me know! :D

College series: Survival guide

counting down my top 10 tips for surviving college!

10) Get lots of sleep - Seems pretty simple right? WRONG I leave for my college bus at 7am and don’t get back until 6pm I find it hard to spend time with my family and friends and still find time to look after myself and do all my work. you need to get into a pattern…so if you shower everyday then maybe change to showering every 2 days. you should always make sure you spend time with your family and friends though because all work and no play…well you have probably seen the shining…

9) Communicate with staff - I’m not sure about you guys but i always found it hard talking to teachers and my school in college you need to keep a relationship with the staff they are all going to be pretty friendly. on my first day my teacher did exercises and games with us and we had a laugh and it made you feel part of a team. even if you don’t know all the staff at least have one close one then if anything is worrying you such as “i haven’t got a clue what to write about in this assignment” then you have someone to talk to.

8) Do your work -basically if you want to make something of yourself then don’t piss about do your work put 110% into it nothing really i can say about this…

7) Follow rules - pretty simple. in my college we have to wear these stupid badges around our neck to show that we are students and they are so annoying but they are used so some randomer can’t just walk into the college. rules are put in place for a reason, they aren’t there to piss you off and ruin your fun they are there to protect you.

6) Talk - this one seems pretty stupid…but sometimes its easier to sit at the back of the class put your earphones in and ignore everything but that isn’t the right way to go. Your feedback and input matters what if you had some fucking awesome idea but were to afraid to say and then some other bitch says it instead and they get credit? you wont always be right but you wont always be wrong either.

5) (phew half way there!) - Explore! - on my first day the teacher had us go off in groups and try and find a bunch of places around the college, it was fun because without that i wouldn’t know where the fuck anything was and i wouldn’t of made awesome friends. on your free time grab some friends and go searching for random rooms what would happen if you had a room change and didn’t have a clue where s204 was? xD

4) Dress appropriately - this is so important. this one girl in my class wears massive heels and like 3inches of make up over her face and it just isn’t practical, its college not a modeling job yeah sure dress fancy and look nice but there is a line to cross…

3) have fun - yeah a cliche thing to say but its so true. your college days are the last few years that you get to spend being a kid and growing up so take pictures laugh to much remember the stupid things and just rock it out.

2) (nearly there guys!) - Focus on your future! - The awesome thing about college is that the course you are on is the subject matter of the job you want. If you want to be a teacher or a doctor or a photographer then  you need to work to get there and college is the easiest way.

And finally

my number one top tip to survive college is…….

1) BE YOURSELF - at the end of the day you have to be true to you! it is easy to get sucked it to being someone else but you need to stand true and strong about who you are. when i first started college no one on my course was like me. i was the weird “emo” kid that wore all black and listened to devil music and so i tried to be someone else…i bought “girly” clothes and tried to be someone different but it didn’t work i felt stupid and looked stupid. but hey being me got me some friends in the end…and they may not look like me or listen to the same music…but they don’t try to make me something I’m not and we all have a laugh about my lack of girlyness.

So yeah i know most of these were pretty shit but that’s all i can think of that got me by college.

College series: my experience

Okay so I started college on the 12th of september 2011 so i havent exactly been there long but its pretty much the same as high school. I had problems in high school none of whitch i want to get into at the moment and everyone told me that college was nothing like school it was totally diffrent…people lie.

You still have the same bitchy dickheads some people are more mature but the magority are idiots. But saying this I have never been bullied in college and i was bullied all the time in school so it is better in that aspect. I am on a health and social care course so obviously if anyone in the class is being a bully then they get kicked out so thats pretty good.

You don’t need to wear a uniform wich sometimes is a curse trying to find something to wear xD but you get to show of you idividuality and that is awesome! :D

You also dont have to call the teachers “sir/miss” you call them by their first name (that takes some getting used to!)

so to sum up…college is like school…but a little better!

College series

Okay so my lovely anon wants me to write about college and since I have nothing to do today i might as well crack on.

College in England is different to America just so you know, in America you move in to the college place in England its pretty much just like high school.

anyway in my college series i will have

1) my college experience!

2)college survival guide!

3)college survival kit!

4)what to bring!

5)what to wear!

enjoy my friends….


Anonymous asked:

In your about me it says you are in college, do you think you could write some stuff about like what to wear and how to deal with college life and like what to bring please? im starting half way through the year and freaking out =/

Yeah sure! :D don’t worry about college just be yourself :D

p.s why so anon? I’m not that scary :D

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